The Elemental War

Welcome to my new website. I ask that you know it is still a working progress and my book is not finished yet but I would like you to post your opinion on how I can add to my book and improve it to your liking.

Here is the intro to my book… to just get you hooked

War and raging fires spread upon the earth. The people lay dead, corpses cover the ground and the five kingdoms lay in rubble.  Our warriors continue to fight, tired and hungry.  Food was scarce to find, they had only eaten bits of bugs and small vermin. It was a horrible time, a time of war and famine raged on for years. The only end in sight Was them all lying dead on this land they once called home. What was once five happy kingdoms that lived in peace and harmony is now shattered rubble among the battlefield. The only question that remains is will they survive this war or will they lay with their brothers and sisters among the dead. 

In the midst of this plight,is a young ,xiii year old gal with the name of Hope Esperanza. Esperanza Is a beautiful young gal with dark brown eyes that glisten in the glow of the sun, she has long red hair that seems to dance in the wind like flames in a fire, and Esperanza is a gal who has been through many pains but in spite of those pains she still hopes that things will get better now we just need her hope to be enough.


This story may include graphic descriptions, death, abuse, murder, blood, LGBTQ+ relationships, and war if you feel uncomfortable with any of this please exit out of this tab and do not read any further. This Is your WARNING.
If you are ok with all of this then please continue and I hope you enjoy my book.

About the Elements…

Fire: Has the ability to turn into a dragon, they can light anything they see into a blazing fire (a master uses blue fire), and they can transform their body into an actual flame but it drains their energy. Fire believes in Gidon which is the first dragon to live and Andis their god. Fire’s weakness is water although blue flames are not affected by water. Fire lives in the southern volcanoes where the magma kingdom is located.

Water: Has the ability to control any form of water, can transform into a snow golem, a huge wight creature that leaves a snow trail behind them, they can control things or people with water in them. Water believes in a goddess with the name Naxos a siren of the sea. Waters weaknesses Earth. Water lives in the northern mountains where the ice kingdom is located.

Air: Has the ability to control the air and gas they see around them and they can also controle water when it’s in its gas form and the smoke that fire produces. They live in the sky lands. Airs weakness is being caught off guard. They believe in a god called inchallah God of wind.

Earth: Has the ability to summon any kind of rock or stone creature and they are responsible for creating all weapons and armor. Earth’s weakness is spirit. Earth lives under ground where the Stone kingdom is located. People of the earth are nihilism.

Spirit: Is grounded to their beliefs they have a good connection to the Gods and can sometimes communicate with the dead. They live pretty much wherever they can find a good spiritual connection but you can mainly find them in the spiritual Kingdom. Spirit can be weakened by any element but can heal themselves. They believe in all of the gods.

Chapter 1

The best way to not have your heartbroken, is pretending you don’t have one.
-Charlie Sheen

“Where am I?”   Esperanza thought she felt deja vu as she looked around she could see she was in some sort of wooden house with a sod roof. Esperanza was shocked as she looked down at her hands and feet she wasn’t in her body! She was in the body of a toddler! All the sudden Esperanza heard yelling and 2 people came rushing into the house, a lady and a man wearing long robes. The lady then picked her up and ran out of the house as Esperanza looked behind the lady that was now carrying her. She saw Warriors from the Water Kingdom, ice and fire covered the ground killing everything in its path. All the sudden Esperanza found herself on the ground. She looked up and saw the lady that was carrying her was now laying dead on the ground. A pool of blood covered the ground around her. Esperanza was confused about what had happened. Esperanza then looked around for the man but he was gone. She was sure he was following right behind but apparently he had left. While looking for the man she had noticed that the rest of the people lay dead on the brown bernt up grass. A wave of sadness fell upon Esperanza. All the sudden Esperanza woke with a fright. She looked at her surroundings. She saw she was in the dark, cold, and damp cave that she had fallen asleep in. She was still tired so she rested her head back down on the cold cave floor and thought about her dream before drifting back off to sleep.

The next morning Esperanza woke to the sound of a bright red Phoenix crowing a high-pitched Melody on a big old oak tree that looked as if it was dieing. This annoyed Esperanza, she then walked up to the tree and shook her hands and yelled “be gone foul bird!¨ The Phoenix sat there staring at her as if mocking her. This made Esperanza furious. She looked around and spotted a small pebble not big enough to hurt the Phoenix just to scare it away. Esperanza then tossed the pebble at the Phoenix.  The Phoenix then opened its great big red wings, pushed off the big Oak tree branch and took to the sky, Esperanza watched the Phoenix fly until it was out of sight. It was at that moment that Esperanza felt how hungry she truly was. Esperanza felt glumb for she knew she had no food or money left. Esperanza knew searching for food was not an option. So she grabbed her blue water canister and her basket, and she cast down the mountain where a town was located.

When Esperanza reached the town people frowned upon her and screamed things like 

¨stuped chaid gal!¨ this town was right below a air Kingdom there for it mainly consists of feather fallers, feather fallers is a bad name for air kingdom citizens the same is for chaids it is a bad name for blaze kingdom citizens. Esperanza ignored these comments for it was not the first time they have remarked against her with these foul words. Esperanza kept looking for some way to get food. Unfortunately it all is expensive do to the shortage of food and she would try to get a job if she hadn’t already tried that mind you Esperanza looks as if she is a fire citizen and people who don’t mind what she looks like will still not higher her because she is only xiii. Esperanza kept searching even though she already knew that she would not get any food. All of a sudden she felt something hit her and she fell to the ground. Esperanza turned around to see a beautiful gal with light blue eyes and snow white hair standing over her and the gal looked flustered. The gal reached out to help Esperanza up, Esperanza took the stranger’s hand and got pulled up to her feet before Esperanza could collect her thoughts. The gal started running. Esperanza oddly ran after the strange gal.

Esperanza chased the gal for about XXX mins until the gal ducked down around a house. Esperanza had lost her but kept walking towards where she had seen her last, when all of a sudden she felt someone grab her arm and pull her into the alley between two brick homes. It was the gal from earlier! 

¨What are you some sort of spy?¨ the stranger said angrily. 

¨What of course not!¨ Esperanza said alarmed.

¨Then why are you following me?¨The gal screeched but then quickly lowered her tone.

¨I don’t know that myself I guess it was just instincts¨ Esperanza quickly said.

¨And what is a chaid like you doing here?¨ The gal snapped.

“Please don’t call me an chaid. I’m not even a blaze kingdom citizen!¨ Esperanza snapped .

“Then what are you?” the gal said with a sour tone.

“I dont know.” Esperanza sadly muttered.

“Yuki” the gal said.

“What?” Esperanza said.

“Yuki, my name is Yuki.” Yuki repeated.

“Oh, Esperanza.” 

Yuki then held out her hand and said “friends?”

Esperanza took her hand carefully not knowing if she could trust this strange gal. When their hands met Esperanza felt warm and safe and at that moment she knew that she was in for an Adventure. 

Esperanza took Yuki up to the cave where she was staying. Yuki thought the cave was amazing but was curious why Esperanza lived in a cave Esperanza explained that that was personal and wanted to get to know Yuki better before telling Yuki her life story. Yuki was disappointed but understood and didn’t bring it up again. The sky turned red and Orange as the sun set. Esperanza collected dry leaves that had fallen off the tree and laid it on the cave floor to provide cushion for the gals to sleep on. Yuki and Esperanza then layed down and let their eyes rest and their body felt heavy as the sky grew dimmer until the gals finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Esperanza woke to the sweet smell of Malijn, Malijn is a delicious mixture of cake and pie. It has a thick inch vanilla cake on the bottom with a pie on top usually flavored with cherry. ¨Good morning!¨ Yuki said with a simile.

¨What is this!¨ Esperanza said excitedly.

¨Well you hadn’t gotten any food so I got some.¨ Yuki answered.

¨But how did you get it, we have not any money?¨ Esperanza asked.

¨Well you didn’t but I did.¨ Yuki said ¨Sorry if you don’t like it.¨ Yuki said sadly.

¨What no I love it thank you!¨ Esperanza said quickly.

Yuki and Esperanza shared the Sweet dish, and they both savored the extraordinary flavors especially Esperanza for she had not eaten for a long time due to the shortage of money in her favor and that’s not even mentioning the scarcity of food. In the middle of eating Yuki asked ¨Esperanza?¨

¨Yes Yuki?¨ Esperanza answered with a mouth full of Malijn.

¨What do you plan to do after this?¨ Yuki said curiously ¨I mean there must be a reason you don’t find a nice fire family to care for you?”

¨Well… I am waiting.¨ Esperanza answered, swallowing the treat that was in her mouth.

¨Waiting for what?¨ Yuki asked as her curiosity grew.

¨For a purpose, I want to play a role in this world .” Esperanza said with her gaze Frozen on the ground below them.

The air got cold and the sunlight faded. Both gals looked up to see a Cumulonimbus cloud overhead. The gals ran into the cave as precipitation fell from the darkened sky they sat there till they fell asleep to the pitter pat of rain against the wet stone cave walls. 

The next morning Esperanza and Yuki woke up to the terrifying shrieks of citizens in the nearby town. Esperanza jumped up and ran out of the cave to see what the disturbance was about. To Esperanzas horror she saw air citisings running around like terrified ants in a colony, but there was something else. Ice was everywhere it was an invasion. Without thinking twice Esperanza  ran down the hill to the town when she reached the bottom she witnessed a huge snow golem shoot icey spikes at a family of III a mother, a father and a son. Blood splattered against the hard paved road and the  family’s bodies fell lifeless. Sadness fell over Esperanza  and she dropped to her side and passed out. When Esperanza woke Yuki was standing over her. Tears ran down Esperanzas face. Yuki kneeled down beside Esperanza. “Are you okay?” Yuki was saddened.

“I am more than okay.” Esperanza said, determined “I know what I want to do, I know my purpose.” she said in a sad tear filled expression.

Chapter II

Pain is just a small price to happiness.
-Ivy Clements

Chapter two coming soon thanks you’re reading this phone to my book and sorry for the inconvenience….

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